Dark Beauty Boutique Custom Perfume

Hello lovelies!

Today I wanted to talk to you about a store I found through etsy called Dark Beauty Boutique. The owner sells a variety of perfume oils and solids, with the option to have one custom made as well. I looked through all the scents she had to offer, and let her know what I was interested in, and we made something fantastic from there.

Dark Beauty Boutique perfume

I said I wanted fresh basil, wild strawberries, and a dirty/earthy scent to go with it. I envisioned hiking in the forest, smelling the wild things growing around. I was missing home and the nature I grew up with. We settled on dirt, fern, honey and oak moss as the rest of the scents.

This perfume is fantastic, seriously. It starts off very earthy, with a hint of the basil, and as time passes the strawberry takes the front seat with honey and just.. Guh. I love it. I seriously suggest that anyone who wants to have a custom perfume made to check this out, the owner is super helpful, knows her stuff, and the prices are super affordable.

I got the perfume oil option, and it arrived securely with the lid sealed, taped up, inside a small ziplock bag, then wrapped in bubble wrap. I plan on getting another one from her, and this time I think I’ll try the solid kind, to compare.


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