How to Paint Shoes (Video tutorial)

I’m addicted to painting shoes. Weird addiction, I know, but if I have a pair of heels that I can paint on, eventually I will. It’s fun, gives you an original pair of shoes, and tests your balance, as you’re going to be on one foot showing off the bottoms of your shoes forever more.

glitter shoessugar skull shoesgalaxy shoes

Case in point. 

For the first shoes I used nail polish, the rest of the¬†pairs (2 of which are actually the same pair redone) I used acrylic paints, which works great, but be careful which sealer you use. I used a spray one for the sugar skulls and it eventually turned gummy and I had to hack it off; I used mod podge for the galaxy shoes, which I also didn’t much like the feel of, so I gave them a coat of resin.

This pair below had this faux cork vinyl design on the sides that started to fill with air bubbles so that needed to go! I used an exacto knife to peel off the vinyl layer and got to painting, making a video documenting the process. If it didn’t have air bubbles though, I would have left the vinyl. It was a major pain, and it pulled off a bit of the rubber on the bottom of the shoe. Oh well.