Where Does The Time Go?

I apologize for the radio silence. When I first arrived in China wordpress would not work whatsoever. The internet was slow, and when it wasn’t it seemed like the great firewall really had a distaste for this blogging platform because nothing would load.

Eventually I forgot about it, and eventually again I wanted to start writing and came back.

I am writing regularly here, if you’d still like to hear about my life, my crafts, and all that happens in between. I wanted to have something to show a lot of behind the scenes for the things that I make, and so I decided that it would be smarter to do so under the same name as the rest of my social media.

So if you please, go over, follow, and say hi!


Let me sleep forever

I’ve been MIA, I know. Life got so busy with packing, visiting, errands, then 3 days of travel to get to China, now all I want to do is sleep. Jet lag is the worst, especially with a 13 hour difference! Or 11 hours.. Either way. Sleep, forever.

Just so you know that yes, I am alive, and it might take me a while to get some new posts up, but I hope you stick around to see what’s happening :).

NOTD: Purple and Glitter

I LOVE SURPRISE POLISHES! I got these 2 colours in a destash box and knew they had to be worn together. A vibrant, royal purple and a light purple jelly stuffed with pastel glitter. How can you go wrong?
purple and glitter nails purple and glitter nailsThey are just SO SHINY I can’t stop staring. And when the sun hit them later in the evening one of the polishes had a beautiful pink shimmery sheen.

Products used:

Seche clear

Yes Love ‘Leather’ (Unsure of colour, I’m pretty sure leather is the kind as it has a matte finish)

Royal Lacquer ‘Mixed Fruit’

Seche Vite