Mothers of the Bride and Groom Gifts

The wedding is in 2 weeks, and I’ve spent a while trying to decide a) what jewellery to make for myself for our wedding, and b) what to get my mom and fmil, since I wanted to do something. I searched through supplies online until I stumbled across these lovely little rhodium plated heart charms, and I knew they were it.

My original intention was to make necklaces, but my dress wouldn’t look right with a necklace and my fmil already has a necklace picked out, so I decided to go with us all having matching bracelets instead. My mom doesn’t wear much jewellery anyway, so it won’t make much of a difference to her.
mini heart bracelet mother of the bride wedding jewellery

I love how these turned out. They’re so dainty, the silver will go with my rings and dress, and I think they’ll be a nice memento of the day.