NOTD: Oranges, Plus some experiments with my new lens.

I had such a fantastic time away, even though it was only for a couple days. I finally got some jeans to replace the one pair I had that were repeatedly patched (seriously, those beasts are going right in the trash), and I picked up amongst other things, a new camera lens. Time to macro ALL THE THINGS!

I’m going to have so much fun photographing all my jewellery, and chasing down all the humming birds and bumble bees I can find in the garden. Just you wait, you’re going to get sick of it before I do ;P. It’s like seeing the world in a brand new way. Did you know that dragonflies had fur on their heads? I didn’t!

Anyway, onto the nails! I joined a team contest on a reddit, and the theme was Summer Fun. What’s funner than matching your mani to your bathing suit? Well, probably lots of things, but for the sake of this contest.. ORANGES!

oranges oranges

Thats my bathing suit being used as the background, for reference. It’s a super cute, slightly tacky 2 piece I picked up while in Indonesia, but you can buy it online here.

Products Used:

Seche Clear

Skin Food polish, unknown name, papaya colour

LA Colors ‘SPAT!’

American Apparel ‘Neon Yellow’

Revlon Chalkboard matte polish in white

Seche Vite

Wish me luck at getting through round 1! Theres 15 teams, and in the first round 7 get cut. Even if I don’t win, I want to make it through the first half. *Orange fingers crossed*


NOTDs: Stripes and Stamps and Wedding Nails!

Stamping plates are the shit, seriously. They’re so much fun, and a wicked easy way to make your nails look extra fancy without a lot of hard work. Turns out striping tape does the same thing as well, so why not combine it?

These nails were done over my wedding nails (which I didn’t post yet, oops, white to silver gradient). A nice burgundy/wine coloured polish tops it off nicely. I think these colours would look really good together for winter as well, but I don’t let the seasons stop me from wearing what I want! haha.
striping and stampingPolishes used:

Seche clear

Finger Paints ‘Well-cultured pearl’

Chick polish ‘ Biker Chick’

T’estimo ‘WN-19’

BM-XL06 stamping plate

Striping tape

Seche Vite

Bonus picture, my wedding nails! I’ll do a post of all my DIY stuff from that once I get my pictures sorted.. Being your own wedding photographer means procrastination. Seriously. But I can tell you that everything went smoothly except for me falling down the stairs. Whoops!

wedding nails

NOTD: Purple and Glitter

I LOVE SURPRISE POLISHES! I got these 2 colours in a destash box and knew they had to be worn together. A vibrant, royal purple and a light purple jelly stuffed with pastel glitter. How can you go wrong?
purple and glitter nails purple and glitter nailsThey are just SO SHINY I can’t stop staring. And when the sun hit them later in the evening one of the polishes had a beautiful pink shimmery sheen.

Products used:

Seche clear

Yes Love ‘Leather’ (Unsure of colour, I’m pretty sure leather is the kind as it has a matte finish)

Royal Lacquer ‘Mixed Fruit’

Seche Vite

FOTD: Glitter Green


Oh this eyeshadow. Infirmity by My Pretty Zombie over Urban Decay primer potion and their 24/7 pencil in Mars. Ooooooh goodness, do I have to take it off?

fotd my pretty zombie fotd my pretty zombie

Products used:

NYX wonder pencil in light

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

NYX soft matte lip cream in Stockholm

Urban Decay primer potion

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Mars

My Pretty Zombie shadow in Infirmity

Aromaleigh Cosmetics Swatches and Review

This is my first order from Aromaleigh, and it was a test in patience waiting for it (not that shipping took super long, just that as soon as something gets in the mail I want it right now!). It arrived in a bubble mailer, nicely wrapped.

I purchased samples of Carina, Accelerated Decrepitude, Bellisima, Damaged & Delusional, Hydra, Ikebana, Samodiva, She Won’t Live, Neptunalia

I also received samples of Rusalka, Pasqua, Musidora, Pharmakon, and Act of Defiance.

Top to bottom the shadows are over Tarte CC eye primer pencil, NYX jumbo pencil in milk, and Urban Decay primer potion.

Left to right we have: Bellisima, Damaged & Delusional, Ikebana, She Won’t Live, Pasqua, Pharmakon, Musidora, Samodiva, Neptunalia, Rusalka, Accelerated Decrepitude, Hydra, Act of Defiance, Carina.

aromaleigh cosmetics swatches
Indoor lighting
aromaleigh cosmetics swatches
Natural light.

aromaleigh cosmetics swatches aromaleigh cosmetics swatches aromaleigh cosmetics swatchesThese colours are really stunning, I’m looking forward to playing around with them and seeing how they wear on the eye (especially those minty shades!) I definitely think they look best with a sticky base, but that seems like the rule of thumb with both shimmers and indies.

Quick look done using Bellisima (crease) and Ikebana (lid).

aromaleigh look aromaleigh look

If you’re interested in acquiring any of these shadows for yourself, you can purchase them here.

My Pretty Zombie Swatches and Review

I’ve been wanting to make an order from My Pretty Zombie for quite a while now, so I’m super excited to really give these a test.

They arrived in a plain white paper envelope in little baggies, and man oh man.. They’re stunning!

I have them swatched over top to bottom: Tarte colored clay CC eye primer pencil, Urban Decay primer potion, NYX jumbo pencil in milk, and bare skin.

Left to right we have:

Anthrax, Tenderloin, Violet Bites, Hoof & Mouth, Trepanation, Grandma Cleavage, Infirmity, Dissolution, Old Bruise, Brisket, Forsaken, Enucleate.

Look at those shine! I only picked one matte shade, old bruise.

my pretty zombie eyeshadow swatches
Artificial light.

my pretty zombie eyeshadow swatches

my pretty zombie eyeshadow swatches

my pretty zombie eyeshadow swatches my pretty zombie eyeshadow swatches my pretty zombie eyeshadow swatchesThey’re all so absolutely beautiful, and it’s impossible to pick a favourite. They all felt really smooth, and the colour payoff seems fantastic, but definitely need to use a primer or sticky base of some kind for the full effect.

I can definitely see me ordering from them again! If you’re interested, you can find them here, and order full sized, or sample baggies to test out like I did.

grandma cleavage swatch grandma cleavageQuick test look using grandma cleavage and dissolution.

Dark Beauty Boutique Custom Perfume

Hello lovelies!

Today I wanted to talk to you about a store I found through etsy called Dark Beauty Boutique. The owner sells a variety of perfume oils and solids, with the option to have one custom made as well. I looked through all the scents she had to offer, and let her know what I was interested in, and we made something fantastic from there.

Dark Beauty Boutique perfume

I said I wanted fresh basil, wild strawberries, and a dirty/earthy scent to go with it. I envisioned hiking in the forest, smelling the wild things growing around. I was missing home and the nature I grew up with. We settled on dirt, fern, honey and oak moss as the rest of the scents.

This perfume is fantastic, seriously. It starts off very earthy, with a hint of the basil, and as time passes the strawberry takes the front seat with honey and just.. Guh. I love it. I seriously suggest that anyone who wants to have a custom perfume made to check this out, the owner is super helpful, knows her stuff, and the prices are super affordable.

I got the perfume oil option, and it arrived securely with the lid sealed, taped up, inside a small ziplock bag, then wrapped in bubble wrap. I plan on getting another one from her, and this time I think I’ll try the solid kind, to compare.