Four Shells Necklace

A few years ago I mixed up way too much┬áresin, and poured the excess into a bunch of seashells I had lying around. Since then they’ve sat in a drawer, where I picked them up every once and a while, looked at them, and put them back. Last week I took them out and decided to finally use them.

sea shell necklace sea shell necklace

I grabbed some leftover dainty chain from my wedding jewellery, measured how long I wanted the piece to be, and one by one I attached the shells in order of size. What I ended up with was even better than I expected!

The whole time as I was making it I intended to sell it, but once I put it on, well.. I think it has to be mine ;).

sea shell necklace

Next year I think I’ll make some more, but since it’s only a week until I’m on a plane heading back to China (where I live 10 months of the year) there’s no real time for me to make many more things besides finishing up what I’ve already got on my plate, which is a lot. Oh, moving across the planet can be such a pain sometimes!

sea shell necklace

I’m in love with this piece, but need to think of a better name for it. Any ideas?


Galaxy Spoons

galaxy spoon pendant galaxy spoon pendant

I love all things galaxies. It took me a long time to get with the trend, and some say it’s over now, but I think it’s just beautiful. A friend of mine commissioned me last year to make her a huge spoon pendant with a galaxy painted inside, and once I started I just couldn’t stop. These are my two latest, and I’ve got others half done and ready to be finished. They sparkle like I can’t even describe, and every one I make I want to keep for myself (but I can’t do that now can I?!) I’ve got them listed in my shop if you’re interested in either of them.

galaxy spoon pendant galaxy spoon pendant