NOTD: Mint and Blue Flowers

Who’s obsessed with stamping plates?

*Raises stamped mani-ed hand*

Glad we got that sorted out, guys.


But seriously, how can you not love them, when they give you such fancy nails as these? I find clean up is even pretty easy with stamping plates cause the layer of polish that’s on your fingers is so thin.

Polishes used:

Color Club- Breakfast at…

Sephora- My Favorite Jeans

Seche clear and vite

BM-XL06 stamping plate

I only own 2 stamping plates, so definitely need to get more, but for the time being…


NOTD: Who has patience for striping tape?!

Hey everyone!

Life is super overwhelming right now. It’s only a few days before we fly out, bags are half put together (I might do a post on that, maybe), and we’re trying to get in all the visiting and such done while we still have a chance.

To destress I took a bit of me time to recreate a mani I found on reddit (album here, no idea who posted it, sorry!) a striping tape intensive checkered look.

checkered polish checkered polish checkered polish checkered polish

Holy hell, striping tape is a lot of work! I’m really proud of how these turned out though. I wanted the colours to be random so I didn’t pay much attention to where I was painting, and I think the overall effect is great.

Polishes used:

OPI- Skull and Glossbones (Let me tell you a story. I have yearned over this polish for YEARS, and someone online found it in a destash lot online for $15! and sent me the link. Turns out I had an almost dupe of it, but I don’t care. It’s perfect and I love it)

Deborah Lippmann- Party Girl (also from the destash lot)

Formula X- Private

And of course, Seche clear and vite.

Who’s dared a striping tape mani? They’re not hard so much as they’re time consuming, but it was nice to sit down and take some me time for a few hours as I did this. And I’m also proud to say, my dominant hand looks just as good (although the squares are a bit bigger ;P)

NOTD: Hangman Interactive Nails

My team made it through round 1 of the nail contest I posted about previously. This week’s theme? Games.

After a whole lot of brainstorming, we decided to go with pen and paper games, and make them interactive. I chose hangman and had my husband play along, filling in the letters as we went. I think they turned out pretty well, and am definitely leaving them on (And if you’re wondering where the G is, he couldn’t figure it out and forfeited. I don’t blame him, it’s our team name after all, not a real word). I’m curious to see what people will say while I’m out and about.

Blank spaces:

hangman nail art

Part way through:

hangman nail art

Finished game:

hangman nail art

hangman nail art

The chosen letters

hangman nail art

(I’d like to point out those letters were written with my non dominant hand. Huzzah!)

Products used:

Seche Clear

Revlon chalkboard matte polish in white

Sally Hansen I ❤ Nail Art pens in red and black

Seche Vite (Post photos)

NOTD: Oranges, Plus some experiments with my new lens.

I had such a fantastic time away, even though it was only for a couple days. I finally got some jeans to replace the one pair I had that were repeatedly patched (seriously, those beasts are going right in the trash), and I picked up amongst other things, a new camera lens. Time to macro ALL THE THINGS!

I’m going to have so much fun photographing all my jewellery, and chasing down all the humming birds and bumble bees I can find in the garden. Just you wait, you’re going to get sick of it before I do ;P. It’s like seeing the world in a brand new way. Did you know that dragonflies had fur on their heads? I didn’t!

Anyway, onto the nails! I joined a team contest on a reddit, and the theme was Summer Fun. What’s funner than matching your mani to your bathing suit? Well, probably lots of things, but for the sake of this contest.. ORANGES!

oranges oranges

Thats my bathing suit being used as the background, for reference. It’s a super cute, slightly tacky 2 piece I picked up while in Indonesia, but you can buy it online here.

Products Used:

Seche Clear

Skin Food polish, unknown name, papaya colour

LA Colors ‘SPAT!’

American Apparel ‘Neon Yellow’

Revlon Chalkboard matte polish in white

Seche Vite

Wish me luck at getting through round 1! Theres 15 teams, and in the first round 7 get cut. Even if I don’t win, I want to make it through the first half. *Orange fingers crossed*

NOTDs: Stripes and Stamps and Wedding Nails!

Stamping plates are the shit, seriously. They’re so much fun, and a wicked easy way to make your nails look extra fancy without a lot of hard work. Turns out striping tape does the same thing as well, so why not combine it?

These nails were done over my wedding nails (which I didn’t post yet, oops, white to silver gradient). A nice burgundy/wine coloured polish tops it off nicely. I think these colours would look really good together for winter as well, but I don’t let the seasons stop me from wearing what I want! haha.
striping and stampingPolishes used:

Seche clear

Finger Paints ‘Well-cultured pearl’

Chick polish ‘ Biker Chick’

T’estimo ‘WN-19’

BM-XL06 stamping plate

Striping tape

Seche Vite

Bonus picture, my wedding nails! I’ll do a post of all my DIY stuff from that once I get my pictures sorted.. Being your own wedding photographer means procrastination. Seriously. But I can tell you that everything went smoothly except for me falling down the stairs. Whoops!

wedding nails

Matte Blue Glitter Mani

This glitter was sitting in my nail polish drawer for a year. It was a one off I bought from Lacquistry, and the formula was thick and pretty much unusable (thus why she was selling it in a mystery bag, I suppose). I ended up buying a simple clear polish and mixing the two, and now it’s smooth and usable and everything I hoped it would be, and I have 2 bottles of it now! I threw it on over China Glaze ‘Strap on your moonboots’ and topped it off with Wet and Wild’s matte topcoat for a lovely velvety look.

matte blue glitter

Matte blue glitter